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Teaching and learning

  • Computer Classrooms
  • Academic Technology Services
  • Online Final Grade Submission Tool
  • Canvas


  • Email services
  • UC Davis Web-based e-mail program (Office 365)

Help and training

  • Computing Accounts
  • IT Express Service Desk
  • Web Design: SiteFarm | Reprographics Web Design
  • Faculty: Center for Educational Effectiveness | Assistance (Faculty Support)
  • Staff: Technology Training Courses 

Software and hardware

  • UC Davis Stores TechHub
  • Computer Purchase Recommendations for Student and pupils
  • Software Licenses

Network and telecommunications

  • Campus Telecommunications: Service
  • Audio-Visual engineering request form
  • Campus Wireless Network: Guest access
  • Health System Telecommunications


  • Information Security

Major campus computing systems

  • Administrative systems | IT Initiatives 
  • Library databases
  • Status

News and guides

  • Campus Technology News
  • IT Service Catalog