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By Susanne Rockwell on October 23, 2017

UC Davis students and professionals will gather on Saturday, Nov. 4, the day after international , for a about how to change the ways planetary health challenges are addressed.

Organized by and the , this is a science and social event to explore intersecting disciplines that study the health of water-related ecosystems, animals and humans.

Participants can expect an in-depth conversation around the challenges of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, and exemplary graduate and undergraduate students who research interdisciplinary topics will be prominently featured.

Panel topics

  • “The True Cost of Climate Change”
  • “Death Downstream”
  • “One Health Science to Policy”
  • “Water Use and Abuse During Drought”
  • “Freshwater and Marine Ecology and Conservation”
  • “Tip of the Iceberg: Current Student Research”

Registration check-in starts at 8:30 a.m. Use the to sign up for the symposium.

Read about last year’s celebration when the One Health community gathered at the School of Veterinary Medicine to throughout the Nov. 3 day. The event included a One Health for students the following day and an all-day on Saturday.

Keep up with international One Health events on social media through #OneHealthDay.