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By Trina Wood and Justin Cox on December 6, 2017

UC Davis veterinary student Taylor Calloway was one of 21 international students from Nepal to Denmark and California who traveled to and last summer to participate in the inaugural .

Watch Taylor’s video above and read her field diary on to follow her journey as she and her classmates learn about the foundations of One Health while developing a role on a cooperative team, making lifelong memories and friends, and embracing new cultures.

For instance, while visiting a Tanzanian fishing village, Taylor learned that the villagers’ main concern was death and injuries caused by hippos and crocodiles — not the clean water, secure housing, education and health care that she had thought they needed.

The Rx One Health course provides a hands-on experience with a diversified group of global health professionals. The course is led by the , and . are now open for the 2018 Rx One Health course and due Jan. 30, 2018.