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A Global Health Advocate

Profile of Maria Sanchez
Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species first piqued Maria's interest in science and research when she was a teen. (Courtesy photo)

My family is from a very rural area in Michoacán, Mexico, where the community struggles from a lack of resources and many health-related challenges. I’m studying global disease biology and global health so I can help improve the lives of people facing similar issues in developing countries.

After I graduate, I plan to earn a medical degree, followed by a doctorate in an immunology or infectious disease-related program. My overall goal is to perform research.

I hope that sharing my undergraduate research experiences on this blog will inspire and encourage other students to tackle similar One Health initiatives.

When I’m Not Studying, I’m…

Finding cool places to explore with my pug, Yoda!

Favorite Activity


Top Travel Destination

I would love to travel to the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin performed his studies in evolution.

Contact me at [email protected].

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