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Preparing for Your Career

Preparing for your career starts during your UC Davis education with hands-on research and internship opportunities, professional advising and graduate school pathways. Our academics are enhanced by research positions, on-campus conferences, professional organizations and honors work that will help you stand out to employers. We have one of the largest university career and internship programs in the nation.

Academic advisors guide students in choosing classes and exploring areas of interest. Our research programs help undergraduates get involved in ground-breaking research happening all across campus. The Internship and Career Center promotes internships and hosts job fairs, resume classes, career advising appointments and more. Our honors opportunities support highly motivated students to pursue academic excellence.

Of course, classes will challenge you every day to deepen your knowledge and expand your skills in your chosen field, while professors host office hours so they can give students advice about life direction, not just about upcoming exams.

All this preparation and support means that, at graduation, you will be ready to start your career or pursue further study toward your passion. Welcome to your future!