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Our Response to Camp Fire Includes Relief Effort

By News and Media Relations on November 9, 2018 in University

Chancellor Gary S. May issued the following message this evening (Nov. 9):


To the UC Davis Community:

We are following the Camp Fire in Butte County with concern for all who have been impacted or whose loved ones, including animals, have been injured, displaced or lost. The UC Davis Fire Department, Medical Center and Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital have been responding and providing assistance. We will continue to offer support by activating all of the experts and expertise at our disposal. 

Our Fire Department, besides sending a fire engine and crew to the wildfire, is also launching a relief effort. The list of what’s needed includes face masks and personal hygiene items, baby products (and toys), and gift cards for food, as well as new or lightly used items like warm clothing and socks and shoes, and blankets and pillows. And food for pets, too.  All this to help meet the critical needs of people and animals in the fire zone — some of whom have lost everything. The drop-off spot is the , and the deadline is 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Meanwhile, if you are a student who needs assistance, please  . We have a resource for employees, too: the .

Our community is here for you. Please be safe. 

Gary S. May

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Dave Jones Dave Jones is the editor of Dateline UC Davis. He can be reached at 530-752-6556 or [email protected]


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