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10 Ways We Ride

By UC Davis Staff on May 7, 2015 in Student Life

From biking to boarding to busing, the way Ag Nation rides is as diverse as our student body. Take a peek at how UC Davis rides!

1. Bikes

Student riding bike amongst other students also on bikes

Davis’ small town vibe makes it the PERFECT environment to ride your bike — sometimes, it’s even faster than driving! UC Davis is one of the  by the League of American Bicyclists, tailored to promote the safety of bicyclists. (UC Davis photo)


According to a Campus Travel Survey for UC Davis, 47 percent of undergraduates commute to campus by bicycle. Bikes here, bikes there… it’s pretty rare to NOT see a bike near you! ( video)

2. Unitrans

Red double decker Unitrans bus parked at bus terminal

In 1968, the Associated Student and pupils of UC Davis . Today, the Unitrans transit system is a trademark feature of Davis life and is fully operated and managed by students, for students. (UC Davis photo)

Last call D line! ( video)

3. Safe Ride

Student and pupils boarding a safe rides van

The UC Davis Police Department has made major efforts to promote student safety on and off campus through . The department now owns a 12-passenger van, an 8-passenger van and a wheelchair assistance vehicle all students can access for free. Download the  on your smartphone to access the service at the touch of a button; you can request a ride from anywhere on campus. (UC Davis photo)


At UC Davis, safety is at your service. ( video)

4. Amtrak

Marching band playing outside of an Amtrak train station

No car? No problem.  is a 168-mile passenger train route operated by  that travels from Auburn to San Jose. These trains have free wi-fi, power outlets and comfy seats. Want to get away? Amtrak also provides trips to Portland, Seattle, LA, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha and Chicago. (UC Davis photo)


Next stop, Davis! ( video)

5. Equestrian Center

Woman riding a white horse

The 25-acre  operates extensive year-round English- and Western-riding programs. Located on campus, the center features horse-boarding facilities, a 45,000-square-foot covered riding arena, a regulation dressage court, four barns and several pastures. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced rider, you’ll gain skills and confidence under the direction of our professionally trained staff. (UC Davis photo)


Ride on, Aggies. ( video)

6. Zipcar

Woman opening the door of a red car emblazoned with the Zipcar logo

In 2009,  partnered with the city of Davis to bring car-sharing services to the community. Six years and running, several pickup locations throughout Davis have been set up for members. These self-service cars are accessible 24 hours a day, by the hour or by the day, providing an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to owning a car. (UC Davis photo)


At UC Davis, we’re all about that green. ( video)

7. Yolobus

Yolobus bus at a stop on a residential street

Hitch a ride anywhere in Yolo County with . This service is green friendly, with one of the first of its kind to boast compressed natural gas buses; there’s also room for your bike. (Paul Telford/Yolobus photo)


As of 2016, Yolobus has logged over 3.5 million miles on its CNG buses — that’s enough to circle the earth 130 times! That’s not magic; that’s the power of green. ( video)

8. Davis/Berkeley Shuttle

A UC Davis shuttle bus parked

This intercampus bus service provides a ride to and from  seven days a week. All you need is a reservation and $12 for a one way trip and you’re ready to go. (UC Davis photo)

Ditch your car, and make the trip via bus; the Earth thanks you. ( video)

9. Tipsy Taxi

A white shuttle bus parked

Drinking and driving is not an option.  is a phone call away. The service provides UC Davis students safe rides from and to anywhere in the city of Davis. (UC Davis photo)


Taxi, taxi! ( video)

10. Mobility Assistance Shuttle

A mobility assistance golf cart giving a ride to a student with crutches

Available to anyone with a temporary or permanent disability, the  will get you to class with minimal hassle. (UC Davis photo)


Sit back and enjoy the ride! Via