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This Campus Was Made for Walking ...

By Dateline Staff on May 29, 2018 in University

This campus was made for walking, and that’s just what we’ll do — on four 1-mile loops newly marked with colorful buttons on pavement and concrete, one loop in each campus district: Quad, Pavilion, Health Sciences and Gateway.

The loops are courtesy of , which coordinates efforts among units that promote health and well-being on the Davis and Sacramento campuses. The Healthy UC Davis steering committee comprises staff, faculty and student representatives.

Healthy UC Davis also has projects of its own, like the walking loops: two on the Sacramento campus, four in Davis — with the route thrown in for good measure (3.1 miles, to be exact).

Walking loop promotional sign
Promotional signs have sprouted around the campus.

The walking loops emerged from the Physical Activity subcommittee, which aims to foster a campus environment and culture that promote physical activity and decrease sedentary behavior. “We can see this as a way to increase energy levels, improve cognitive abilities and help promote better sleep,” the subcommittee declares on its webpage.

Promotional cards tout the Davis campus loops as a way to “get free exercise,” “connect with campus,” “plug into nature” and “take a mental break.”

The Sacramento campus has the ACC Loop, 1 mile, between the medical center and the Ambulatory Care Center; and the Moore Path, ½ mile, between the medical center and Betty Irene Moore Hall.

UC Walks

UC Walks logoEveryone’s invited to help break in three of the Davis campus’s new walking loops during UC Walks this week. The event will feature six routes in all: Gateway, Health Sciences and Quad loops on the main campus, and Cousteau Place, Drew Circle and Research Park off campus.

This annual event, now in its ninth year, takes place at all UC campuses and the Office of the President, too. This year’s “official” UC Walks date was May 16 — but some locations moved the event to avoid conflicts with other events, such as UC Davis’ Thank Goodness for Staff.

The Sacramento campus held its UC Walks event May 17 and the Davis campus will hold its event this Thursday (May 31).

Here’s where to meet up for walks at noon:

  • Gateway Loop — , main entrance
  • Health Sciences Loop — Courtyard
  • Quad Loop — South end of Centennial Walkway on the
  • Back of the cul-de-sac
  • Drew Circle — Front desk in
  • Research Park — Between and Accounting and Financial Services

Be sure to sign in for prize drawings and pick up UC Walks T-shirts (while supplies last). Walks will last for 30 minutes.

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