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Linguistics for Language Teachers

The Department of Linguistics offers two minor programs:

  1. Linguistics for Language Teachers (listed below), which especially complements the major in English with the Teaching Area of emphasis; it is also of relevance to students interested in teaching foreign languages.
  2. General Linguistics, which provides the student with basic knowledge of language structure and linguistic analysis.

Linguistics for Language Teachers

23-24 units

    Complete the following (23-24 units)​

    • LIN 001 Introduction to Linguistics (4 units)
    • LIN 106 English Grammar (4 units)
    • LIN 165 Introduction to Applied Linguistics (4 units)
    • ENL 105 History of the English Language (4 units)
    • LIN 160 American Voices (4 units)
      • Or LIN 163 Language, Gender, and Society
    • LIN 173 Language Development (4 units)
      • Or EDU 151 Language Development in the Chicano Child (3 units)

    Total = 23-24 units

    Minor Advisor

    Georgia Zellou
    [email protected]
    (530) 754-0992