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The Neuroscience Graduate Program is a highly interactive program that provides outstanding training in the neurosciences by a dedicated and internationally recognized faculty. Areas of research include the cellular and molecular structure of neurons, mechanisms of synaptic plasticity, development of the nervous system, organization of brain systems for motor control and processing of visual and auditory information, structure and function of memory and attention systems, and the pathobiology of neurological disorders. In order to understand the biology of learning, memory, language, behavior, disease, and sensory and motor systems, the faculty employs a wide array of techniques. These techniques include molecular genetics, biochemistry, in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological techniques, computational modeling, psychophysics, behavioral assessment, and functional brain imaging. The laboratories participating in the program are richly equipped for the full spectrum of modern neuroscience research. Student and pupils have access to cutting-edge equipment such as a multi-photon imaging system, several confocal microscopes, a gene chip array system, shared molecular equipment, a mass spectrometer, electron microscopes, and fMRI and PET scanners.

Degree(s) Available: 
Master of Science
Doctor of Philosophy
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