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If you are a graduate school or professional school student, visit this page for information regarding your graduation ceremonies.

Any undergraduate student who received a degree in September 2018 or December 2018, or who expects to receive a degree in March 2019, June 2019 or September 2019, has completed 160 units by the beginning of Spring Quarter 2019 AND who has not already participated in a commencement ceremony, is eligible and welcome to .

Late registration petitions received after the April 12th deadline will be reviewed on a first-come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee that your name will be printed in the commencement program or that you will receive the same numbers of tickets as those who registered by the deadline.

HELPFUL TIP: If you are currently enrolled in Winter Quarter classes and do not currently have the required units completed to successfully register, we advise you to wait to register until those units are posted (end of March/beginning of April) in lieu of petitioning ahead of time. The deadline to register is April 12. (After April 12, all students are required to petition regardless of their unit count.)