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What to Do at UC Davis’ Open House

Your dilemma: Just how do you plan a great time on Picnic Day? UC Davis’ biggest day hosts more than 200 events. Thousands of students, prospective students and their families, alumni and the surrounding community arrive early and leave late.

Picnic Day Calendar

We’ve got ideas for you to plan the best Picnic Day ever:

Wiener Dog Races!

The Doxie Derby race calls out the hounds (nearly a hundred!) to dash after the “rabbit” as spectators cheer on their favorite short-legged athletes.

Join the (Dance) Revolution!

Davis Dance Revolution pits campus student dance groups to see who has the best moves around.

Better Sorbet Through Chemistry

What boils at -320°F and is cold enough to burn? Liquid nitrogen, of course! Come see this incredible chemical phenomenon and better yet, eat it.

Who Can Last the Longest?

College bands, include our own Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh, play into the wee hours by Lake Spafford during the Battle of the Bands.

For Firefighter Fans

The UC Davis Fire Department rolls out the red carpet — and its red fire trucks — for you to see how first-responders keep the campus safe.

Old-Time Picnic Day Fun

Shields Library shares photos, film and other memorabilia from Picnic Days and local events of yesteryear. Talk about Aggie Memory Lane!

Creepy-Crawly Things

Let out your inner child by daring to touch Australian walking sticks and hairy tarantulas. Beware: They are alive and moving!

UC Davis on Parade

Get a seat early to watch this showcase of what makes UC Davis special — our history, community, departments, student clubs and people.

Zone Out with Test

The Cal Aggie Test Association invites alums for pizza, a little R&R and networking with fellow Aggies.

Where Magic Meets Science

Take an incredible journey through the world of materials science and be dazzled by a magical show of scientific wizardry.