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Why Are Bicycles a Wheelie Big Deal at UC Davis?

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of UC Davis student commuters use a bike to get here? When you attend UC Davis, you’ll find bikes are very popular for getting to class or taking a recreational spin on the Davis Bike Loop. We’ve got great reasons for joining the UC Davis “Team Bike”:

We Think Helmet Hair Is Awesome

You get a free helmet by taking the “Helmet Hair Don’t Care” pledge — it’s all about keeping you safe from bicycle-crash-related injuries.

You Make Davis a Better Place

By helping to reduce car traffic and pollution, you are keeping the campus and the city of Davis a pleasant place to live in.

Online Bikes Ready on Arrival

The Aggie Bike Buy program allows students to select and customize a bike before coming to Davis. Pick it up when you arrive in the fall.

Cycling Saves Money

If you live in Davis and commute to campus by bike, you can save $90 per month, or $1,080 per year, by commuting by bike rather than driving alone.

Take off the Training Wheels

Take a class on the physics of riding, how to ride in traffic, proper lanes to be in — and most importantly — how to navigate our many roundabouts.

Your Body Will Thank You

You are committing to a healthy habit by choosing to bike because you’ll increase your cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility.

When It Rains, You Stay Dry

You can take the Unitrans bus. Or join our sustainable-transportation goClub and have access to complimentary parking permits.

DIY Repair Stations

If a tire needs air, a light adjusted or a seat tightened, you can pedal by one of 14 bike repair stations and use our tools.

Summer Plan for Bikes

Wondering what to do with your bike during the summer when you go home? We offer you summer bicycle storage for just $20.

The Bike Barn Is Your Friend

Seriously. This full-service repair shop in central campus offers general repair work, rentals, bike merchandise and part sales.

Antique Bikes and Famous Cylists

You can visit the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame in downtown Davis to learn more about the history of cycling and famous cyclists.

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