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How to Make UC Davis Your Home

Go-getters, change makers and problem solvers arrive at UC Davis by different paths. But once here, we get involved and celebrate diversity in many ways. How you do that is up to you. You have so many options for feeling at home.

Ways to get involved

Get active in one or more of our . You’ll find many that line up with your interests. Clubs are focused on cultural identity, religion, professional aspirations, politics, entertainment and service, to name a few subjects. And don’t forget to check out our robust at UC Davis.


Make lifelong friends through sports

If you love sports, find like-minded athletes and compete. You can make lifelong friendships in our and The same goes for taking adventure trips through .

Many fun options to serve your campus

Consider volunteering for the and get involved.  Run for student government, plan , be a disc jockey on  radio, serve as a counselor at or put on shows for the . And that’s just to mention a handful of ASUCD’s many options!