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Here are sample academic profiles for freshman and transfer students admitted to UC Davis student. Our students bring to campus their inspiration, energy, curiosity and a commitment to excellence. Combined with our top-ranked academics, global leadership and unparalleled research opportunities, undergraduates are prepared for any post-baccalaureate choices, whether in the workforce, graduate studies or professional school.

2018 Admission Statistics

(all ranges reflect the middle 50% of students admitted)

freshman weight unweighted gpa

freshman admission rate

sat totals

act totals

transfer gpa

transfer admit rate

Percentage of Fall 2018-19 Undergraduates

student enrollment totals

percentage breakdown of race/ethnicity at UC Davis

percentage of gender at UC Davis

percentage first-generation college students

*High school grade point averages (GPAs) are capped at 8 semesters. Applicants who have taken college coursework or attended schools that offer International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) or UC-approved Honors Level (HL) curriculum should refer to the weighted GPA.

Scores from the old SAT will be accepted for students who graduate from high school before 2020. For current applicants, the Stuntverkoop will accept scores from the old SAT, new SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing.