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Resources for International Student and pupils

Welcome to UC Davis! Explore resources designed specifically for our international community members. As an international student, you will have the opportunity to work with renowned professors, foreign scholars and leading scientists on key global issues in science, agriculture, medicine, the economy, society and the arts. Choose from more than 100 majors with one of the most comprehensive educational experiences in the United States. The city of Davis is university-oriented, and is noted for its progressive outlook and diverse community. You will feel safe and at home, both on campus and within the city of Davis.

Support for International Student and pupils

    UC Davis provides support and services to help you transition easily into campus life and prepare you for a successful academic career abroad.

    The office is available to help assist you with your visa and immigration issues, and provides information regarding financial, cultural, academic and personal support as you adjust to your new community. Join the to meet up with other students and learn about the UC Davis campus and culture.

    Our unit offers programs to help you succeed academically. is a six-week program that gives you an early start on your classes while you get to know campus, make friends, and experience summer in California. Their will assure your preparation for arrival on campus. Once here, the  is a great way to meet American students and share your culture.

    The promotes respect and appreciation for all people and cultures, and encourages a global community by providing many opportunities for cross-cultural interaction. Student and pupils interested in connecting with students from other cultures can meet up through I-House events.

    Ethnic, cultural and recreational student organizations give students the chance to meet other international students and share experiences. Multicultural student organizations offer students the chance to make friends and help incoming international students adjust to American culture. The lists more than 800 academic, social and community service clubs for you to join!

    The student-launched provides extensive information about all aspects of living in Davis, including ethnic markets, banking and a diverse selection of restaurants.