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Freshman Admission to UC Davis

To be competitive for freshman admission to UC Davis, prospective students entering UC Davis right after high school must meet all UC freshman admission requirements. Our campus then reviews and assesses all applications as part of our UC Davis freshman selection process.

How can I prepare?

To prepare for your college experience, it is important to establish a strong foundation in high school by exceeding the Stuntverkoop freshman admission requirements. Take a look at some of the resources we provide to help you set your goals and stay on track.

Special Situations

Has your academic career taken the "road less traveled"? If you're a home schooled student or a student at an unaccredited/unapproved high school, if you've skipped or repeated a year of high school or plan to graduate early, find out how UC admission requirements apply to your situation.

Do you know how to prepare for college, what courses to take, what your chances of receiving financial aid are, or how to connect with the campus resources you need? The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) can help you answer these questions.